Plasma Bigscreen

This project is using various open-source components like Plasma Bigscreen, Mycroft AI and libcec with a modified KDE Neon img for the Raspberry Pi 4 to allow easy accessing content-related services on your TV.

KDE Plasma Bigscreen

A big launcher giving you easy access to any installed apps and skills. Controllable via voice or TV remote.

Voice Control

Bigscreen supports Mycroft AI, a free and open-source voice assistant that can be run completely decentralized on your own server.
Mycroft is using the Selene Open-source backend:
Note: While the Mycroft server is currently using Google STT engine, Mozilla DeepSpeech support has been started:
Help DeepSpeech to become the best STT by contributing to the Common Voice project:

Remote control your TV via CEC

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a standard to control devices over HDMI.

Use your normal TV remote control, or e.g. this RC with built-in microphone for voice control and optional mouse simulation:

  • Voice Apps

    Download new apps (aka skills) for your Bigscreen or add your own ones for others to enjoy.

    Get more Apps

    A completely open UI stack
    for your own personal TV box

    Enjoy Bigscreen without worrying about:
    > Censoring of content.
    > Selling of personal data.
    > Intrusion of your privacy.

    Raspberry Pi 4

    ARM Linux machine for setting up your own Bigscreen box.

    KDE Neon based

    This img is using KDE Neon as its base to provide latest packages:


    Control Bigscreen with your TV remote control.

    Beta Release


    Development Preview (BETA 2)
    Mycroft Bigscreen Arm Images – Raspberry Pi 4 (Model B)
    Plasma Bigscreen – Mycroft-GUI 1.0 – libcec
    Size (arm64): 2.3 GB
    Size (armhf): 2.1 GB
    user/pwd: mycroft/mycroft
    ssh user/pwd: mycroft/mycroft
    sha256 (armhf): c021d50b0fe16089469ffda22159bdb351f8820b5a9e3868c6c82d2360ad37a0
    sha256 (arm64): ac924973a82b0bd13a4d2a900c027113ab846bf661be5416a8b70848083f88cb

    Start it up

    Download img
    Use etcher or diskimager to burn img on to a microSD card
    Start microsd from rpi4
    Connect to wifi (or use ethernet cable)
    Register device and start using bigscreen
    For a complete step-by-step readme, click here

    Source Code & Development

    Plasma BigScreen:
    Mycroft GUI:
    Server Backend:

    Voice App Development:

    Quick Overview: Get started with Voice Apps
    Command side: Mycroft AI with Python
    Visual side: Mycroft GUI with QML