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Distributions offering Plasma Bigscreen


PostmarketOS (pmOS) is a pre-configured Alpine Linux that can be installed on smartphones, SBC's and other mobile devices. View the device list to see the progress for supporting your device.

For devices that do not have prebuilt images, you will need to flash it manually using the pmbootstrap utility. Follow instructions here. Be sure to also check the device's wiki page for more information on what is working.

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Manjaro ARM

Manjaro ARM is an Arch based distribution with support for a wide range of single board computers, ARM laptops and phones.

Manjaro ARM currently offers Bigscreen images for Odroid N2 and N2+, Radxa Zero 2, RockPro64, Raspberry Pi 4, Khadas Vim 1 and Khadas Vim 3.



Simply download the Bigscreen image for the device you have, extract it so you have the raw .img file, then flash it to your drive using dd or a graphical tool. Then plug in the drive to your device and power it on.


Debian has Plasma Bigscreen available as a package in their repositories.